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Heart is the motor that keeps the blood in motion throughout all the blood vessels in the body. In order, for the heart muscle to pump properly, it needs to be nourished by coronary blood vessels. Any disease or blockage of the coronary arteries can deprive the heart muscle with the necessary oxygen and blood it needs for proper function.People often scoff at the fact that homeopathic medicines may be useful in treating various heart diseases. This obviously is due to their lack of knowledge and a deep rooted prejudice against homeopathy. However, a homeopath cannot claim that he can treat all types of heart diseases. He must know the scope and limitations of his therapeutics.⦁

Homeopathy is useful in cardiac neurosis- esp. post infarction and post by-pass surgery, hypertension, chronic ischemic heart disease, heart diseases that are secondary to other systemic diseases and of course rejected cases.⦁ There is poor scope with homeopathy in congenital heart disease, acute angina and myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathies, organic valvular lesions, gross Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF) and atherosclerosis.⦁ Homeopaths look for peculiarities in the patient’s presentation of the symptoms and the more peculiar they are the greater is the indication of that particular medicin heart attack, medically known as myocardial infarction, is the death of an area of heart muscle caused by the blockage of a coronary vessel. This obstruction of blood flow through one of the branches of the coronary artery is commonly caused by a rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque. Blood flow may be so severely diminished, or totally occluded that a portion of the heart muscle dies

.SYMPTOMS;- most typical symptom of a heart attack is chest pain (angina pectoris) that may radiate to the left arm, neck, and jaw. Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, heat in the chest, anxiety, light headedness, or loss of consciousness

.CAUSES;- The major risks factors for a heart attack are diabetes, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, old age, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, smoking, a high-sodium diet, and genetic predisposition

.DIAGNOSIS There are five tests that can detect a heart attack:Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Coronary angiographyExercise stress testNuclear scanBlood test

HEART ATTACK PREVENTION DRUGS⦁ Restrict sodium intake.⦁ Avoid foods high in trans fatty acids and saturated fats.⦁ Eat a well-balanced, high-fiber diet based on whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.⦁ Eliminate the consumption of refined foods.⦁ Avoid, butter, margarine, vegetable shortening, cheese, red meat, and chicken skin. They cause blood clogging.⦁ Blueberries have antioxidant properties. Add them to your morning cereals.⦁ Eat fish, especially salmon and mackerel, three times a week.⦁ Garlic helps reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Take a tiny piece of garlic and crush it with a knife. Swallow with a glass of water.⦁ Ginger helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.⦁ Lose weight, if you are overweight.⦁ Avoid overeating and eating late.⦁ Engage in 30 minutes of physical exercise.⦁ Stop smoking.⦁ Avoid stress

LEADING HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FOR HEART⦁ Aconitum is given immediately at the onset of a heart attack. There is numbness of the left arm

.⦁ Cactus grandiflorus treats angina pectoris. The arteries and heart are weak due to atherosclerosis.

⦁ Spigelia relieves violent cardiac palpitations with shooting pain in the breast area. An inability to sleep, worse sleeping on the left side

.⦁ Craetaegus oxyacantha is a tonic for the heart. It treats coronary insufficiency. The pulse is rapid and visible. The pain on the left side of the chest radiates to the left arm

.⦁ Aurum metallicum treats myocardial weakness. The chest pain is aggravated at night. A sensation as if the heartbeat will cease.

⦁ Latrodectus treats precordial pain, the pain intensifies with breathing.⦁ Laurocerasus is indicated for heart failure.⦁ Digitalis treats cardiac muscle failure. There is a slow pulse, a tight heart, palpitation, the sensation as if suffocating, and all symptoms are aggravated sleeping on left side.⦁ Baryta carbonica is indicated for a senile heart, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and loss of memory.⦁ Viscum album treats hypertrophy of the heart.⦁ Glonoinum treats hypertension, atherosclerosis, and all heart conditions aggravated in the heat of the sun.⦁ Platina relieves spasmodic contraction of the muscle around the heart.⦁ Carbo vegetabilis is indicated for heart failure with cyanosis. ⦁ Naja treats angina pectoris. The chest pains radiates towards the nape of neck to the left upper shoulder, and arm.⦁ Veratum album calms cardiac palpitations.⦁ CONVALLARIA MAJALIS is of use when the ventricles are over distended and dilatation begins and when there is no compensatory hypertrophy and when venous stasis is marked. It is useful for dyspnea and dropsy with suppression of urine⦁ Plumbum album is indicated for hypertension, sclerosis, and loss of memory.⦁ LYCOPUS VIRGINICUS is useful in exophthalmic and toxic goiter causing heart disease. There is also hemoptysis (spitting of blood) due to valvular heart disease. The pulse does not synchronize with the heart (atrial fibrillation). It is also indicated in cardiac asthma.⦁ Strophantus is indicated if there is suspicion of a heart attack. The degeneration of the cardiac muscle accompanied by irregular heartbeat. The pulse rate is rapid at times and slow at other times.⦁ Tabacum treats hypertrophy of the heart.⦁ Kalmia treats bradycardia accompanied by rheumatism or goutNATURAL SUPPLIMENT FOR HEART ATTACK PREVENTION ⦁ Coenzyme Q10 improves heart function.⦁ Vitamin C serves as a healing action in the body.⦁ Vitamin E helps prevent the formation of blood clots which leads to a heart attack.⦁ Magnesium helps improve healing after a heart attack.⦁ Policosanol helps the liver produce less cholesterol.⦁ Probiotics prevent diseases and maintain good health.⦁ EPA/DHA lowers the risk of a heart attack and stroke.⦁ Fish oil supplement helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.⦁ Vitamin B complex helps prevent a heart attack.⦁ Gugulipid prevents plaque formation on arterial walls.⦁ Niacin lowers cholesterol in the blood.⦁ Potassium may help control heartbeat.

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